Limited liability companies (LLC) and partnerships are governed by state laws and the contractual relationships between the members or partners. An LLC or partnership differs substantially from a corporation and other types of business entities.

Partnerships can also take several different forms, such as a general partnership, limited liability partnership (LLP), limited partnership (LP) or limited liability limited partnership (LLLP).

John assists his clients with compliance with state and federal laws that govern the operation, management and ownership of LLCs and partnerships.

Below are a few examples of legal services John provides to LLCs and partnerships:

  • preparing, reviewing LLC operating agreements
  • preparing, reviewing partnership agreements
  • resolving member and partner disputes
  • income tax planning for LLCs and partnerships
  • reorganizing / restructuring LLCs and partnerships
  • governing / managing LLCs and partnerships
  • joint ventures
  • LLC and partnership conversions, mergers and dissolutions
  • legal advice for LLC debt and equity financing
  • granting LLC purchase options and profits interests
  • LLC and partnership reorganization
  • member or partner admittance, default or expulsion
  • transferring member or partner ownership interests
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