Business owners are often interested in planning for the transfer of their business and personal assets. Estate planning for a business owner can also serve as an effective form of business succession planning.

John’s experience with estate planning, tax and probate administration gives him the opportunity to provide estate planning and asset protection services to his clients. His objective is to meet the client’s goals while planning and strategizing for future events.

The following are examples of the types of estate planning services John provides for his clients:

  • will
  • medical power of attorney
  • HIPAA authorization
  • living will
  • financial power of attorney
  • personal property memorandum
  • beneficiary deed
  • living trust (revocable trust)
  • marital agreement
  • irrevocable trust
  • guardianship / conservatorship
  • asset protection
  • review, analysis and update of current estate plan documents

John also provides probate administration services such as:

  • trust and estate administration
  • will & trust disputes and contests
  • preparing income tax returns for trusts and estates
  • beneficiary agreements
  • legal advice for personal representatives / executors / beneficiaries
  • minimizing taxes

For those who request long term care planning related to Medicare, Medicaid and other governmental assistance programs:

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