An essential component of operating a business is administering, maintaining and compensating the employees of the business. Sometimes, the owner of the business is the only employee.

Either way, the relationship between the employees of a business, management and the business owner is governed by a wide assortment of federal and state laws.

John provides employment related legal services for both his employee and employer clients. A few examples of the employment related legal services he provides are:

  • reviewing and preparing employee handbooks
  • reviewing and preparing employment agreements
  • tax planning for executive compensation
  • stock option plans, restricted stock grants and phantom stock plans
  • U.S. Internal Revenue Code Section 83(b) elections
  • employment termination and wrongful discharge
  • employment discrimination, harassment, and retaliation
  • non-competition, confidentiality and trade secret agreements
  • employment severance agreements
  • paycheck, employee benefit and wage/hour disputes
  • general human resources issues
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