Contracts are vital to the operation of any business. They govern the relationship between the business and its partners, customers, suppliers and licensors. Preparation of enforceable written contracts is also an important consideration when forming a new business venture.

John works to ensure any contract he prepares for a client is enforceable, clearly written and accurately represents the terms and conditions of the transaction. In John’s commercial contracts practice, he has prepared, reviewed and negotiated contracts for a wide range of industries including, for example, retail, manufacturing, technology, energy, health care, entertainment, professional services and banking.

Below are some items to consider when preparing or reviewing a commercial contract:

  • How does the contract end or terminate?
  • What is the method and manner of payment?
  • Who are the parties to the agreement?
  • Is the agreement signed by each of the parties to the agreement?
  • Is the agreement or contract in writing? If not, is it enforceable?
  • Does an exchange of emails create a binding contract?
  • Are ‘click-through’ agreements on internet websites valid and binding contracts?
  • What are the duties and obligations of the parties to the contract?
  • Is the contract enforceable?
  • What are the legal options for contract enforcement?
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