Corporations are governed by state and federal laws which are particular and unique to the operation and ownership of a corporation.

John works with his corporate clients to help them comply with the various federal, state and local laws which specifically govern corporations.

Below are some examples of corporation specific legal services which John provides for his corporate clients:

  • general counsel services
  • board of director and shareholder meetings
  • compliance with state corporate laws
  • election and removal of officers and board of directors members
  • interpretation of bylaws and other corporate documents
  • dissolution, notice to creditors and liquidation
  • stock options, restricted stock, phantom stock plans and other compensation agreements
  • corporate reorganizations
  • corporate taxation
  • joint ventures
  • securities and debt offerings
  • non-profit, tax exempt corporations (formation and governance)
  • S corporation formation, taxation and governance
  • C corporation formation, taxation and governance
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